What we do

We discover and develop student’s strengths, talents and core competencies both Academically and Linguistically. We create learning environments that encourage both exploration and mastery, with focus on leadership, communication and cooperation skills. We stress the importance of deep knowledge and understanding of subjects and society. The foundation delivers entrepreneurial, action-based trainings with the goal of creating value for the local and global community, as well as ongoing teacher training, follow-ups and routines for collegial learning.

The foundation is politically and religiously unbiased.


1. Trilingual Pre-schools

Preschools in which children have the opportunity to learn three langauges by the age of five. English and two other languages.

2. On-screen Right Brain – Left Brain Learning.

Effective classroom on-screen learning, programmed with the national curriculum and automatically engaging every student's attention.

3. Individual Baccalaureate Learning (IB)

Online learning programs in every national curriculum subject, where students can learn at their own pace and on their own computers.

4. Ability learning groups

Students of mixed ages learn effectively with other students of similar abilities.

5. Language labs 

Individual and groups of students have the opportunity to learn a minimum of three languages. English is the main language and arabic, mandarin, russian and other languages are available to every student. Foreign students will be able to contribute by teaching their own language to other students.

6. Entrepreneurial trainings and consultations for every student and teacher.

Cutting-edge training technology that brings out the unique entrepreunerial brilliance in every student and teacher.

7. Individual Tutoring

Tutoring based on a new Educational Vision for students who don´t feel they fit in to the school system. Reframing techniques which facilitate a new Mind-Set created by the student and tutor.

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